Massive X

Massive X Absolute monster of the Virtual Synthesizer’s world. Massive X got everything from the legendary first version and absorbed all the nowadays features for creating sounds that you can’t even imagine. You think it’s electronic? Absolutely yeas and absolutely no – because it’s about everything from electronic sounds to the full orchestra sounds. This is the new sound revolution that has a big ringing for the world of hardware synths.

Hive sounds

In 2015 U-he firstly presented a new product, called – Hive. This synth was intended to such hardware monsters as Roland JP 8000 & Access Virus TI. And in most cases Hive did it, To believe it, you just need to listen our demos.

Synapse Audio The Legend

The Legend – Have you ever heard of Minimoog Model D? Even if not, the Legend can give you Moog’s sounding just in your DAW, but with a much more possibility in it. You are getting those warmest Moog sounds without buying the hardware, and it’s incredible easy to use. For the more Moog’s feeling, we created something especially new with it, using all new possibilities and voices. We all love warm retro sounds, but Read more…

Propellerhead Reason -EUROPA

Propellerhead Reason – EUROPA is the new power of morphing, analog and spectral wavetable synthesizer. With using of 3 oscillators, it can sound so different and beyond your imagination. Synthesizer is also using a lot of greatest types of filters, such asMoog’s Ladder filter. But the main shtick of the synth in harmony, every oscillator can use eight harmonics modulation algorithms, that can also be changed with special additional filter for this. All the features Read more…

Synapse Audio Dune3

Synapse Audio Dune3 It’s an absolute unison monster, with 8320 oscillators at full polyphony. After the release of Dune3, creators of many great hardware synths must think about correctness of their work. This little soft synth just can beat almost any hardware, but with a much more convenience in using it in DAW and countless quantity of using Dune’s in the DAW. Synthesizer have all possible filters, Dual Arpeggiator and 3 different ways of synthesis Read more…

U-He Repro

Repro1/Repro5 U-He Repro 1 – is a new history of software synthesizing. This synth is a full copy of old retro Sequential Pro 1 hardware synth but with many more possibilities. It has 5 different effects that can provide a richer sound and you can fine-tune the frequency of the sound to make it more saturated. U-He Repro 5 – the highest quality copy of Dave Smith Prophet 5 hardware synth, but also like Repro1 Read more…

Thorn sounds

“In Thorn, being simple means to be straightforward and to provide advanced sonic control at the same time. Intuitive workflow, high quality processing modules” – as it said on Dmitry Sches site. And in fact – this synth is creating new ear of synthesizing, with incredible harmonic changing in real time. You can listen to what we have done with it.

Serum sounds

Just 4 years ago this synth made a silent revolution in sound production, and now it’s a real loud revolution. And NatLife Sounds is the first company which have made super soundsets for this synth and is continuing making it until now.

Sample sounds

When you are starting to create your track, you need a qualitative drum section such as Kick, Snares, Hi-Hats & Hats and the whole samples. Here you can find very careful assembled drum sounds, loops and other samples that can greatly fit to your production.

Sylenth1 sounds

Another pioneer of the High Class VST synth’s – Lennar Digital Sylenth1. This great synthesizer, released more than a decade ago, still is on Top. Pure Virtual Analog soundingmaking it a father of Hi-End VST synthesizer. And with this knowledge, we are updating it with our vision – so you get the freshest possible sound for the Sylenth1 at the time.