Cinematica for Roland Jupiter-4


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NatLife Sounds present you a new product for software synthesizer – Roland Jupiter-4 “Cinematica”. It’s a most warmth and closest synthesizer to Analog synthesis engine in our opinion.

The sounds produced by LFO Store team, which includes 64 cinematic presets for Jupiter-4 Plugout in Aira Range System-8 & Roland Cloud VST Version!

Working both with hardware & software version.

“Cinematica” contains great authentic reproduction of classic Roland Jupiter sounds among with modern timbres, thanks to System-8 engine! We made many great sounds & arps to show possibilities of dream machine & its hidden treasures we found during exploring.

You will find here silky & beauty plucks with unusual modulation, deep & detuned leads, many atmospheric pads & strings, unusual arpeggios & sequences, famous polyphonic sounds & massive basses & many more.

Even Kraftwerk -“Robots” Sequence is here!

Explore your System-8 Machine & dive deeper with Jupiter-4 Plugout sounds!

To load sounds in hardware, you will need any possible SD card & Rolands attached video to this pack.




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