Extreme Trance for Spire


Sold By: Gianfranco Carone


Extreme Trance for Spire is soundbank from Gianfranco Carone. It’s the biggest Trance sound library in our store and might be on the net.

This soundset covers the story of Trance music, from the early 90′ to the nowadays. You can easily find a needed sound type just in one library. It has a pumping ARP Basslines, which works “out of the box” powerfully. Massive ACID collection, beautiful Leads, impressively real Drum collection inside the synthesizer, which is pretty useful and can change a sample library for instant work. Also, you will get sequenced Lead sounds inside Leads, plus a collection of different Sequences. And of course a bunch collection of Trance Plucks.

All of the possible Trance sounds are just in one big collection of Spire presets.

Overall, the Sound Library contains 300 presets:

  • 24 ACID
  • 20 ARP
  • 39 Bass
  • 6 Chords
  • 20 Drums
  • 5 FX
  • 1 Key
  • 118 Leads
  • 30 Pads
  • 20 Plucks
  • 16 Sequences
  • 1 Synth



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