Pandora Spire Soundset


Sold By: Soundbreeze


Soundbreeze is back to NatLife Sounds with amazing Pandora Spire Soundset. It contains 64 Spire synth presets, and the sounds focused on Uplifting and Progressive Trance music.

This package are prepared in such a way that you will feel an incredible urge to create, and the pleasure of your work.

Sound pack includes:

  • 03 ARP
  • 17 ACID
  • 12 BASS
  • 02 PLUCK
  • 10 LEAD
  • 03 FX
  • 05 PAD
  • 02 PAD BASS
  • 07 SYNTH

Plus you getting Ableton Live bonuses that comes with a MIDI files, Samples and the project that not using a third-party VST’s, except Spire synthesizer and LFO Tool.


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