Uplifting Trance Template Vol.2


Sold By: Soundbreeze


NatLife Sounds present you a new chapter of Uplifting Trance Template Vol.2 for FL Studio 20, created by Soundbreeze.

If you are producing Uplifting / Energetic Trance in FL Studio and would like to learn new tricks, get inspired and/or improve your sound faster, Uplifting Trance Template is for you.

Studying this project file will give you a great insight into the processing of individual channels and mixing of uplifting & energetic Trance  music in FL Studio, through the use of layering, equalization, compression, delay, reverb and more. This template comes loaded up with full arrangement (as heard in the audio demo), mixing settings, FX chains, MIDI data, and automation.

In order to take full advantage of this project, you will need :

  • FL Studio v20 or higher
  • Sylenth1 V2.2 or higher
  • Spire V1.1.14 or higher
  • Omnisphere v2.5 or higher
  • TruePianos v1.9 or higher
  • FabFilter Pro-Q, FabFilter Pro-R, FabFilter Saturn
  • Kickstart
  • Toraverb 2
  • TAL-Flanger (FREE)


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